About the Young Left of Sweden

The Young Left of Sweden is the swedish Left Party’s youth organization. We are a socialist and feminist organization which consists of young people who are standing together for justice, for a better standard of life and for solidarity. We don’t think the size of your wallet, what gender you are or where you come from should determine your future. We fight together for a fundamental change in society, and our strenght is that we are many young people working together for the same goal.

We don’t believe in those who claims that we all benefit from the same politics. We, the young of today, have grown up with welfare cuts, high unemployment, housing shortages and unsecure jobs. At the same time, some people are making a fortune out of this. While ordinary young people have gotten the worse deal, the upper class have gotten lower taxes and greater fortunes. Injustices do not occur by themselfs – they exist because someone gain profit out of them. Right politics increases the social class differences – we want to unravel them.

We are feminists
There is a myth that Sweden is a equal country, but this is not true. There is a systematic repression, that all girls and women suffer under. This is why women earn considerably less than men and female dominated occupations have the worse working conditions.This is why women have to pay for welfare cuts and private profits in the welfare system, and this is a major factor as to why more and more young girls suffer from mental illness. This is why women are expected to take most of the responsibility for relationships and home conditions, and it is why many women avoid going out alone late at night. The crudest expression of this power structure is sexualised violence.

To change the gender power structure a political struggle has to take place. The Young Left of Sweden is a feminist organization. We don’t think gender should play a role for the opportunities we have in life. We want to eradicate the oppression of women.

Our feminist practice is about a change in the here and now. We organize feminist café evenings, we help students to launch gender groups in school and give rhetorical courses for girls. Our most important feminist activity is feminist self-defense. Feminist self-defense gives girls techniques to defend themselves against violent attacks and abuse – but it’s also a chance to practice self-confidence together, and to build a sisterhood. We’ve been educating instructors for over ten years and we’ve also educated instructors in for example South Africa, Colombia and Nepal.

We are socialists
We refuse to accept a social order based on inequality. We refuse to have a system where the selected few get rich at the expense of our labour. We are fighting and standing up for a truly equal and democratic society, but we know that it is only possible if we change the fundaments in the social and political system of this society. We believe everyone should have equal opportunities to influence the society.That’s not how it is today – those who have unbelievable economic wealth and own large companies have much more power than the rest of us.

In a time when inequality is increasing, the climate threat is aggravating, one billion people in the world are starving – not because of lack of resources but because of how these resources are distributed – it is very clear that the capitalist system we live in is unsustainable. We benefit from secure jobs, a strong welfare system and a well-developed social safety net. We fight for politics that reduce class inequalities. Our goal is a society without class distinctions.

Around Europe the far-right and fascist forces are growing. The Young Left of Sweden is an anti-racist youth organization. The problems that are being blamed on immigration is actually results from political decisions in the corridors of power. Unemployment, housing shortages and cuts in the welfare system affects all of us, and it’s them who make the political decisions that should be held accountable, not the people who’ve fled from war and oppression. We stick together and show solidarity for one another. We want Sweden to be a safe sanctuary for people who’ve fled their homelands and a country that stands up for human rights. The walls surrounding Sweden and Europe has to be demolished. Our message is clear – we need to fight the oppressors, not each other.

The Young Left of Sweden says no to the European Union because it is an undemocratic union built on right politics and that transfers the power from the people to the bureaucrats in Brussels. We believe in international solidarity and we’re a part of the peace movement. We’ve always been involved and a driven force in the fight for peace and solidarity. We live in an unjust world because someone gains profit from it. Capitalism does not take into account people’s needs, but puts a minorities wealth before peoples right to the most basic needs – life, water, food for the day and self-determination. We believe that this is wrong and we are fighting together with women’s rights-movements and the Left in other countries to change it.

We are activists
In the Young Left of Sweden you’re organized in your local club, and it’s here most of the activities take place. It’s only in your club you know what has to be changed in the local area and what issues that are the most important for those who live there. It is the members who together determine what political questions the club should take forward. One can, for example share flyers and pamphlets, camp out against the housing shortages, organize homework help to advert cuts in school, be in the schools and talk to others or arrange feminist festivals.

The Young Left of Sweden was formed in 1903 and has since that time worked against class injustice, oppression of women and racism – for better living conditions, work for all, equal rights, peace and international solidarity. We know that society always is possible to change, but it will never change by itself. It’s through struggle and structured organization that we together can make a difference.

Sign up
The Young Left of Sweden needs to grow and therefore we want more members. But becoming a member of the Young Left of Sweden can also mean a lot to the one who decides to join. There is something special in working together with others, uniting and standing up for what you believe in, in discussing issues you are interested in with like-minded, to develope yourself and become one of those who makes a difference in this world. Sign up, you too.

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